Curb Appeal: Attract Buyers with A Great First Impression

Curb Appeal: Attract Buyers with A Great First Impression

Housing prices may have cooled over the last few months in Vancouver but homes are still selling. So how do you stand out and attract buyers while ensuring you are still getting top dollar for your property? “One of the best ways to increase the value and profit from the sale of your house,” says David Jorge, President of Avante Concrete, “is to improve the curb appeal of your home.”

Curb appeal, while subjective in nature, is basically the front facing aesthetics of your home; what people see when they pull up. While curb appeal varies with each persons individual taste, there is an agreed upon checklist that makes up what people consider “appealing” and therefore contributes to higher asking prices. These include:

1) Pruned, manicured and tidied landscape

People tend to see the greenery surrounding your home as a reflection of the love and care you have put into it. Pruning hedges, keeping your grass manicured (even if the drought turned it brown), and removing weeds and dead plants will greatly improve the first impression of your home.

2) Clean, paint and repair your home

Removing clutter, painting the exterior, and repairing any damage will likely decrease the chances potential buyers will attempt to haggle the price to do these things themselves…at a premium cost to you.

3) Repair or replace your driveways and sidewalks

Whether it be asphalt, flagstone, or concrete, aside from the home itself, your driveway is the easily one of the most noticeable features. Think of it as the “welcome mat” to your house. A seriously cracked or uneven driveway will do well to be repaired or replaced and can be expected to have a 20-50% return. “It is an investment, but I’ve seen homes transformed with a new driveway,” says David Jorge, “That said, not all driveways need to be replaced, some may only need repair if they are sinking in areas especially near the garage or sidewalks. So, be sure to check out all the options from a reputable contractor who will give you an honest opinion of the best route for you.”

In today’s market, homeowners who have taken care of their investment can make a very generous profit from the sale of their home. Be sure to put in the time and effort to ensure you get the biggest return available.

No matter the style of your home, there are a myriad of options in concrete to compliment your look. Avante Concrete is a leader in driveway repair and installation in the Lower Mainland. Their extensive experience and expertise allows homeowners to have the driveway that reflects their home’s style at a competitive price in a quality that will make a positive impression.

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